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    Volunt2Thai volunteer project in Thailand is a village development project with a focus on helping disadvantaged children

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The Volunt2Thai Volunteer Project in Thailand is a village development project focusing on disadvantaged children. Because in Thailand, especially in North East Thailand people are very poor. Individual, family members are often forced to leave their children and elderly for longer periods of time, in order to travel to urban centers or abroad to work. The situation is very bad for the development of the children who are left behind without their parents. The children have to take care of their siblings and  of the old people as well. The school system is barely developed, the Schools are in need of material and teachers. Therefore Volunt2Thai's most important task is to provide those underprivileged children a chance for education. We do this  via volunteers, which we send to the schools we work with.

At V2T Campus & Cultural Centre in Thailand, we welcome Volunteers or interns/project participants regardless of age, with diverse experience from all over the world and from all walks of life are welcome. As a project participant you will live directly on the campus, which is also a youth center in the afternoons after school and on weekends and during vacations. Here you will be provided with everything you need. The campus is surrounded by nature, fields and Thai villages with which we cooperate. Volunteers take responsibility for their own daily life on campus. Your main role as a V2T volunteer will be to interact with the locals and provide support in the schools by teaching basic English skills through games and classwork. Additionally, depending on the date, volunteers can receive a Free Teacher Training

V2T Campus consists of a number of bungalows, a modern communal kitchen, a very large "Food Forest" with herb garden. A Gym, a Clubhouse - Language Café, a Music Room with music equipment. A Tree House Terrace with Stage and also an elevated building with Family Room and Veranda. There are Seminar Corners and also a Library. There is also an Equipment Room with many tools. Of course, there is also an appropriately sized Thai - community Sanitary Facility. The center is integrated into a traditional Thai Farm with stables and fish ponds on the edge of associated rice fields and surrounded by similar farms and small villages.

As a Volunteer you will have the unique opportunity of seeing village life at first hand and experience a culture that has little changed over time. In return for what must be an unparalleled volunteering experience in Thailand, you will have the chance to give something meaningful back to the community through your work teaching the children and adults English.

Whether you are interested in volunteering after college, just made your TEFL, TESOL & CELTA certificate, need practice to become a teacher or Interest in joint intercultural learning. You may think about sabbatical for local engagement or maybe you need some orientation for a new job or training for a Social job.

Students, Professionals, Retirees & Veterans, we accept voluntary helpers all year round for teaching English, music, art & crafts in addition to sports both during school term and at V2T summer school at the village temple. In addition, we also offer participation in projects in agriculture & construction and you may also be required to help organize events, seminars, and training days at the V2T campus.

Volunt2Thai is the project of the people in our area. The program is led by V2T but is also supported by the local village mayors, school directors, teachers and district authority representatives.

Volunt2Thai is a unique opportunity for you to learn. The inhabitants of the village have known each other for generations. They have grown up together, live together and also give each other the last respect when they pass away. Each knows the life stories of the other in joy and sorrow. The Buddhist life of the community shapes everyday life.

We devote our volunteer work as a thank you to the village community which, open-hearted and warmly, welcomed us and allowed us to integrate into the village life. We have a respectful partnership with the village and the villagers will show you special attention. The number of voluntary helpers is being kept deliberately low so not to interfere with daily routines and the intimacy of the village.

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As a volunteer you are given the chance to help build and become a team member of a quickly emerging Rural Development Project. You can apply your knowledge in various fields such as agriculture, medicine, sports, construction, education etc.. Volunt2Thai is growing and prospering continuously and developing into a sustainable organization. Your ideas concerning the project and its further development are always welcome. The people in the communities, especially the children, benefit from the education and contact with you "Westerners". This creates an incomparable win-win situation for everybody involved. Through your input Volunt2Thai is growing and prospering continuously and developing into a sustainable organization. Your ideas concerning the project and its further development are always welcome

One thing has to be said: You have to be aware that this is an Rural Development Project and that certain expectations have to be fulfilled by you.

You will have to cope with difficult situations and probably leave your comfort zone on various occasions. Through your volunteer work you will have unique experiences in the social field, as well as developing your own social skills. In the end you will be rewarded with an experience that will greatly influence you and your character.

After your stay you will be happy and grateful to have made the decision to contribute to this project. Not only have you evolved on a personal level but you have also drastically changed the lives of the local people for the better.

On top of that the money you spend here directly creates additional income for the local families.

The realization

All what we do and whatever we do it's all about the children. Many children in Isan living without their Parents for a variety of reasons, including: parental separation, domestic violence and neglect, disease - including, increasingly, AIDS. Individual, family members are often forced to leave their children and their elderly for longer periods of time, in order to travel to urban centers or abroad to work.

Many of the people who leave fall into a life of crime and prostitution. Our work here is supported and realized through the help of volunteers.Different to SOS Children's Villages model where children are grouped into a house with an SOS mother, the children get our care but sleep with the remaining family members in the villages around.

Volunt2Thai works as a center from whereof the carers/volunteers stay in touch with the children and families through the partner schools, join public activities, and educational activities on our campus.

With the presence of volunteers and through ongoing projects with the villagers, new structures are created which will allow further development of the area.

Volunteers get the opportunity to take part in interesting new experiences and new knowledge is acquired through cooperation and collaboration with the villagers. Volunteers get a practical introduction to everyday and help in the ongoing projects. They will learn and practice traditional crafts, gain knowledge about nature, culture, and will get an introduction to the Thai language.

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Working the whole week with the children is a very fulfilling task but also a challenge it can be tough and you need a break. As the working week runs from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday is considered the weekend for volunteers. During the weekends, volunteers have spare time and usually just relax in the village or take the opportunity to explore other parts of northeast of Thailand.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of things to do in Udon Thani and some appealing tourist attractions to view, volunteers can book weekend trips for themselves. Besides this being that you are in a rural village, which offers many special events and activities you never know what will pop-up. There is no set schedule here and the villagers do not have the same concept of a weekend here as in the West. There may be nothing to do Saturday morning, but by the afternoon your day may fill up. Click here for the overview

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At Volunt2Thai campus you will not only have a great opportunity to make many new friends from all over the world, but you will also be part of the village community. You will experience a culture that is fundamentally different from what you are familiar with.

You will grow daily in your experiences and be able to improve your own job prospects.  You will provide service to the elderly and children, work to protect the environment. Boundaries and prejudices will be overcome and tolerance and respect for each other will be created.