Being Volunteer

Your job at V2T is to broaden the boundaries of the children and improve their understanding of the world with your influence and presence so that when they grown up they will be able to act in a wider intercultural dimension. With a better understanding of the world they occupy,  they will be better equipped to determine their own destiny. In simplest terms "all project participants will have left behind knowledge and good memories".

"I think one of the most important things in a child's life is to have the support and guidance of their parents as they grow and learn. The family unit and structure in Thailand is evident when this guidance is able to be accomplished. I am asking you to consider to Volunteer to further the most important asset Thailand has, their children.

This is something that I sometimes think we forget because we all get so busy in our adult lives. I so much value the guidance I was given as a child. I would ask you to think about that in your own situation for just one minute.

Now think about this you as an individual if you decided to contribute to these children's future would be investing in Thailands future for us all.

For you to donate your time and tell others to help as a community always does, would enable V2T  to establish through proper education, leadership,  a good, strong, Thailand for all involved. The sheer commitment to this project clearly shows the children, their families and the endless teams of volunteers know the bright future of Thailands youth is its strongest asset."
- writen by Michael Pachero for Volunt2Thai

As a volunteer, you get the possibility to work and learn, with a great variety of things. You will work with the locals and gain knowledge through practical work. Your skills and experience will be used as an important component of the cultural exchange program.

Volunt2Thai builds bridges of knowledge, skills, culture and friendship between people of all ages from different cultures. Our location in a Thai village far from the tourist routes, is dominated by family values and the village’s daily life is still very much the way it has been for centuries.

Together with the village council and the village community, we have developed a concept for our "Generation to Generation" project. Our "Generation to Generation" project works like this: The villagers will teach you their culture, traditions and their specialist knowledge in certain fields and with the help of the locals you will get insight into skills and activities passed down through generations, all while helping the community.

You work with the community, establish new friendships and have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences. There is no upper age restriction. The work input is up to each volunteer’s personal strength and ability.

Non-mandatory assets are: First Aid certification, TEFL/CELTA certification, Thai language classes, previous teaching experience, previous farming experience, previous NGO/volunteer work, etc.

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