Volunteering/ Internship/ Educational Agreement

Now to you:
You already made it to our site, showing that you are an extraordinary spirit. Exactly what we need. Contribute, everything you need is:
  • open mind
  • positive attitude
  • compassionate heart
  • knowledge, experience, practice
  • motivation to help in any way that you can!

You can't imagine what your knowledge and your mind can change here.

Family volunteering in Northeast Thailand
Give your children the adventure of a lifetime with V2T in the unspoilt northeast of Thailand. Bring your teens or toddlers to explore the customs and culture of rural Thailand and at the same time help to support the village community.

Volunteering after college
is an adventurous option that you can take to make the world a better place, and benefit yourself a little in the process. College grads who aren't sure what they want to do with their lives are often advised to take an internship somewhere to get a feel for life in a certain line of work. Volunteering can serve the same purpose. You may find your passion is helping people. Volunt2thai is a place that can teach you a lot, it's real life no setup.

You are on the way to become a teacher?
You absolve a teacher training course? A pre-service teacher training course leading to a professional qualification a qualified teacher status, like "Lehramtsstudium in Germany" or "PGCE Teacher Training course? Complete your teacher orientation or internship at V2T in Thailand. V2T can sign Educational Agreements with your university / College. As an intern, you can gain initial pedagogical experience or expand your existing knowledge in one of the primary schools we work with! Your key task is to assist local teachers in teaching. If you already have previous knowledge, you can even manage your own class.

Joint intercultural learning
Volunt2Thai receives volunteers through "Mercy for Thailand" which is a partner organization of "Worldwide Volunteers" from Germany. The volunteers are sent via the Entwicklungspolitischer Freiwilligendienst weltwärts program of the German Federal Ministry, for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Social jobs
You will gain valuable international work experience. In particular, by working with local people in social institutions, you will gain deep insights into the lifestyle of local people while doing an internship in social work abroad.

Sabbatical for Local Engagement
If you take a sabbatical year, a prolonged hiatus in your career to fulfill some dream, consider to connect it with some social work. Here in the Villages there are many activities which allow you to deal with new things.You can reorient yourself and gain new focus.

Pensioners, retirees, we ask for your valuable knowledge
You were a teacher, craftsman, advertising expert? You would like to pass on the knowledge gathered in your life? Not only the schools, the project itself but especially the young volunteers can benefit from their knowledge.

Volunteering for veterans
No matter what your volunteer interests may be, there's a role you'll enjoy. Whether it's driving the Tuck Tuck, teaching at the schools, being good friend and advisor for young volunteers, grocery shopping or running errands for volunteers in your community, doing repair work, yard work or doing costruction, there's a need you can help fulfill.

TEFL, TESOL & CELTA certificate, you just received it and you're planning to teach in Asia? Great!
Give back, use your skills to support the underprivileged children. It will help you to gain experiance before you start a paid job. Its a win-win situation, you will get some real life training and the children at the schools which can not afford English teachers also come to lessons.

Volunteering with a group
If your group or university is considering a volunteering excursion to Thailand then contact Volunt2thai. We have the group volunteering know-how to ensure that your group volunteering experience will be one that you will never forget.

The presence of volunteers will drastically change the lives of the people in the villages over the next ten years and beyond. The current generation of six-year-olds will be educated in English, receive a general understanding of the world and acquire new insight into foreign cultures. This will positively influence and accompany them in their personal development.

The fundamental objective is to ensure that the children of the villagers have the same opportunities of career choice and international, transnational activities as their counterparts in the western world.

We also hope our project will attract attention for longterm economic growth in the village. The exchange of cultures to give the farmers and their families the opportunity to share their valuable knowledge is a plausible start.

Not only will a fair, additional income eventually be procured by farmers, but also negative developments such as the exodus of the younger generation to major cities will be stopped in this economically very poor region.

Your help would be greatly appreciated in the following areas
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