Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering

If your group or university is considering a volunteering excursion to Thailand then contact Volunt2thai. We have the group volunteering know-how to ensure that your group volunteering experience will be one that you will never forget.

With our network of schools, universities and educational institutions from around the globe, we are able to offer group volunteering programmes as well as our normal volunteering opportunities for individuals.

Group volunteering is unsurpassed as a team-building opportunity for work colleagues looking for something a little different, or for a bunch of close friends looking to create some great memories together.

Volunt2thai is active over a large area in Northeast Thailand and the demand for support at our village communities and schools has never been higher. The children are hungry to learn and your skills in everyday life are just what is needed. Art and crafts, English language, football, dancing and farm work, the opportunities are endless.
Over the past years many of our volunteer supporters have come to us as individuals or pairs and have made many new friends during their stay. Some of them have returned to us again and again. University and school student groups are now discovering the benefits that volunteering as a group can create when bigger and more challenging projects can be undertake as a team. In addition to being a once in a lifetime experience it's a pretty good addition to the curriculum vitae as well.

Our area of responsibility covers around 10 square kilometers of mixed farmland, small villages and schools with the V2T campus at it's centre. During your stay at the V2T campus we endeavour to give you an authentic cultural experience you will never forget whilst at the same time giving much needed support to the local community.

Partaking in one of our incredible projects as a group has immense, far-reaching benefits for both the group and the cause, and is an excellent opportunity for young people to experience  volunteer work abroad, widen their horizons, develop new life-skills, and raise their self-esteem.

Volunt2Thai Campus & Cultural Center currently has a total capacity of 21 sleeping places and can cater for groups or family members of up to 16 people. Check out the website and Facebook page for further information or apply online at

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