Teaching Art & Craft Classes

By giving the children the opportunity to be involved in art and crafts lessons like drawing and painting, it helps them gain greater self esteem as it gives them a great sense of accomplishment and pride after creating something on their own. Jenny Silverstone wrote about it in detail on her blog Mom Loves Best ❤︎

Children are also able to hone skills that could be translated to other areas of their lives such as writing and dressing because it requires bilateral coordination and fine motor coordination. Because the children we take care of have very little or no education, finding it difficult to read and write, art helps the children to express their feelings and emotions which is crucial for their psychological development Other than physical and psychological benefits, having an art and craft project in our village helps the children to have fun and bond with one another, creating a harmonious and happy environment within the community.

Where and when?
During school holidays courses in arts and crafts are held at the V2T campsite during the week from Monday to Friday. During regular school term the mobile classes will be held at the schools we take care of and at the after school art club.

What are the costs?
V2T Art and Craft Classes / Fine Art Painting Classes are free for the children of our villagers and a permanent part of the overall activities within the framework of the Volunt2Thai Association.

Why did we come up with this?

  • We want to help the children gain greater self-esteem. Art give the children a sense of accomplishment by creating something of their own.
  • We want to help to hone their skills which can be directed to other areas of their life. We enable activities such as writing and drawing and painting because it requires bilateral coordination and fine motor coordination.
  • We want to allow the children to express their emotions and feelings. The children here have very little or no education, finding it difficult to read and write, art helps them to be expressive.
  • We want to create a harmonious environment within the community. It helps the children to bond with one another through activities.

How do we implement V2T Art & Craft?
With the support of international art schools and their students we gauge the artistic ability of each child, to help create a better and more efficient lesson plan for the students. During the lessons, we use as many different types of art mediums as our limited resources allow, such as oil acrylic and watercolors in order not to limit the creativity of the children. At the end of the program, we will display the artwork created by the students in our art exhibition to value each student’s performance, allow others to appreciate their work and hopefully to inspire the other students.

How is this financed?
During school holidays not only the children from the village are taught art, visitors can join with the children. Financially better-placed families and their children can join the courses against reimbursement of material costs and a donation to the project. Material and lessons are free for selected gifted villagers kids without a time limit. Year-round online auctions, on site charity events, including auctions of the paintings also support the project. Donors can receive “thank you” paintings from the children.

Future job prospects for the students
This project will help the children on their way to the future. It will give them an opportunity to shine and most importantly, to use their imagination since the people who will succeed in the more financially rewarding labor markets will be those who can think creatively and generate the ideas that will propel economic growth.

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