Volunt2Thai Cooperation with FORTUNA-MEDIA

V2T is very happy about the new cooperation with FORTUNA-MEDIA,

FORTUNA-MEDIA Agency for Film and Art, creates DOCUMENTATIONS, REPORTS, ART FILMS on the highest level which are shown internationally in cinemas and film festivals. A film has been shot in THAILAND, The name may not be released yet! The film deals with the topic of society and culture and will be shown in selected art cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the end of 2020... Volunt2Thai as an art and Culture Centre in Thailand is allowed to contribute its expertise as an interpreter for Thai language and Thai culture and will translate the film into German. Volunt2Thai strives to help the poorest members of Thai society, the children, with a focus on imparting knowledge for the next generations. We therefore take on this task with the greatest responsibility and are very happy about this important task.
About FORTUNA-MEDIA: (In our films the people are in the center of attention, their thoughts and feelings and what moves them. We want to look behind facades and backdrops and penetrate to where the soul lives. The rhythm of the pictures and the editing adapts to the people and not vice versa. We want to tell stories that life writes.

A colourful team of passionate film and television makers develop film projects from the idea to the completion. This includes theme finding, research, conception, shooting and postproduction. Good teamwork and serious examination of the material is a major concern. We try to stay close to the things, not to record an event, but to pass it on with all possible authenticity and passion. Reality should be felt, even if it is far away, whether geographically or thematically. We understand reports as diary entries of life. In this way, we want to tell the shocking and the exhilarating, the sensational and the everyday, the worth knowing and the familiar in a cinematic way. Reality is exciting enough, the filmmaker and his artistic ambitions are merely spectators and companions.


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Art and charity go hand in hand at V2T. Artists from all over the world help disadvantaged children together through the Volunt2Thai project. In return, Volunt2Thai supports artists in making their work known and provides a web art and culture platform for artists.

The online shop coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Construction of a Forest Canopy Walk

We are very happy about the cooperation between UniRaid - Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle (France) and Volunt2Thai. In cooperation an elevated nature trail with "tree house" will be installed. The project budget is provided by actions of the students of UniLaSalle. The students of UniLaSalle carry out fundraising activities throughout the year (e.g. daily sandwich sales and food sales at school events).
The installation space is 30 x 30 meters.
3 fully grown evergreen trees, (12 meters +) are planted in a triangle. A walkway connected to the trees in the shape of a three-pointed star is to run along at a height of 250 cm. A nature path will be built between the trees with a "floating" pergola. The trees themselves will not be touched or damaged but will be supported by a steel structure which will also support the "bridge".
There will be stairs or ladders as an ascent to the walkway. In the middle of the sidewalk there will be a raised pergola. As in a museum, natural cycles will be explained (pictures on the ceiling). In the middle, where the pergola is additionally supported on the root or tree trunk, a permaculture garden will be created as a further project, which will be irrigated by an irrigation system under the floating pavement. Gravel will be scattered around the plant. Later on there will be sitting places provided which invite visitors to rest.
At this natural place you can observe the life in the trees (it will be full of life for sure !!) Birdhouses can be installed. The treetops can be further cultivated (parasitic plants). A will be a cool and very beautiful place to relax, a natural public park and place of exchange will be created to the already existing structures.
It will also be a natural playground for children, a "monkey house" to let off steam with climbing facilities such as rope rings, ladders and swings,
a "child heaven"
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Free German lessons via Volunt2Thai in 2020

With the kind support of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de La Rochelle (Excelia Group) France and Waldorf Steiner education Germany, as well as Heidelberg University and graduates of the Interuniversitäre Kolleg Graz Austria / Schloss Seggau, Interuniversitäre Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gesundheit und Entwicklung e.V. we will start in 2020 in addition to the free English program for the children also free German lessons via the Volunt2Thai Project at the schools.

The lessons will be provided by interns. If you are a student and interested in doing your internship with us, please contact us. At the V2T Campus and the schools, villages you will not only have the opportunity to teach German and English but also to gain practical experience in many other subjects. You don't have to be a student to use your knowledge at V2T, you are also very welcome as a craftsman or artist!

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de La Rochelle (Excelia Group) Frankreich und der Waldorf Steiner Pädagogik Deutschland, sowie der Universität Heidelberg und Absolventen des Interuniversitären Kollegs Graz Österreich / Schloss Seggau, Interuniversitäre Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gesundheit und Entwicklung e.V. werden wir ab 2020 neben dem kostenlosen Englischprogramm für die Kinder auch kostenlosen Deutschunterricht über das Volunt2Thai Projekt an den Schulen anbieten.

Der Unterricht wird von Praktikanten durchgeführt. Wenn du ein Student bist und Interesse hast, dein Praktikum bei uns zu machen, nimm bitte Kontakt mit uns auf. Auf dem V2T Campus und in den Schulen, Dörfern hast Du nicht nur die Möglichkeit, Deutsch und Englisch zu unterrichten, sondern auch praktische Erfahrungen in vielen anderen Bereichen zu sammeln. Du musst kein Student sein, um dein Wissen bei V2T umzusetzen, als Handwerker oder Künstler bist du ebenfalls herzlich willkommen!

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2 Goodwill Ambassadors for Volunt2Thai's children

Bild könnte enthalten: Olivia Gwendolyn Helena Hart und Cheyanne Robinson, Personen, die lachen, Bart

Olivia Gwendolyn Helena Hart and Cheyanne Robinson at Volunt2Thai Campus and cultural Centre, Ban Nong Kung, Udon Thani, Thailand.
21. December at 11:22

Wanted to check in because there is so much to keep up with. This last week has been intense, incredible, and immersive. I almost don’t have words for what my mind, heart, and soul have been a part of - but I will try my best to express. This will be a very detailed account of my first couple of days into my volunteer experience.

Upon arriving in Udon Thani, we picked up enough fresh produce to literally feed a small village (or seven), and we piled into the back of a truck in the hot sun. We drove an hour and a half into the rural countryside. I watched civilized infrastructure disappear the further we went. There were rice fields for as far as the eye can see, with small bouts of housing made from anything they could be resourceful with.

There is one temple that a fifty year old nun is investing in building for them. It was incredible to wander through its unfinished brilliance. This entire area is vast and extremely underdeveloped, a blank canvas to the community upon which they can grow and expand on.

We stayed at the heart of the project. It was a small farm/after school campus. I met the pig that we later had as our meal. That was a tough one for me. I heard his last moment. Tears swelled in my eyes as I replayed the pep talk from the lion king on the circle of life.

The food was constant as well as the work. These people live very busy lives, rising well before the sun. Understandably, given that there really isn’t anything in this world quite like a Thailand sunrise. The entire sky becomes consumed in a deep purple hue, bright pink warming up the horizon. One of the most magical things I’ve ever seen.

The morning of their annual Christmas party, we rose at 2 am. An army of grandmothers lay about barefoot on straw rugs as they prep food. We lend a helping hand without being able to understand any words, only gestures. I unfold hundreds of wrapped treats. The communal bond here is similar to that of them sticking to each other like sweet rice to a banana leaf.

Seven monks came at seven o clock to bless the food. The cultural way they went about this process was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. This is the first year they’ve done this. The monks sat on a lifted podium and the village lined up with food and flowers. The people went one by one, putting a piece to their forehead before placing it in front of the seated monk, moving onto the next.

Once the entire podium was covered in handcrafted Thai food (that took literally days to prepare) we all sat praying for about 20-30 minutes. I was starving, looking at my bowl of soup, then thought of the monks not having ate since before noon the day before. After the prayer was done, the people chanted for a moment as well. One of the monks came around and splashed us with holy water, one by one. A few older ladies began giggling, sending a warmth throughout the room.

Children were gathered round playing. There are a handful of hand-me-down instruments I had to give some love in order to be playable. I shared my music and tried to teach the kids. One of the girls (6 yo.) speaks four languages fluently, a prime example of the international importance in this unique program.

I walk away to smoke by the water buffalo and process. I think about how these children live and nearly start to cry. One of the schools has no running water. Hot showers are unheard of btw. There’s also two months of the year that there is no school, and they don’t have access to much food during that time. They eat frogs or ants or really anything they can catch in the countryside. I think of this huge meal that meant so much to them. How this is their Christmas. How they are all such happy people with close to nothing but one another.

I think of these strangers inviting us into the community. The smiles. The laughs. The bonding. The eternally grateful spirit they share. The food. The way they all sit together to eat it. The work. The positive attitudes. All while children in America are upset they didn’t get the new iPhone, these children got one bag of cookies, and if they were lucky, a t shirt.

I can’t quite put into words the feeling in the air or the way my heart feels right now, but this will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Photo credit to the very talented Cheyanne Robinson


Olivia is from Utah, USA where she studied Fine Arts, now balancing four part time jobs. Multitasking is one of her many strengths. The most rewarding of the four jobs is professional art instructor.. Cheyanne (also from Utah) is a Head Teacher for an international language program in Thailand, she is looking forward to gain a career involving the outdoors, education, youth work, art, and travel.

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