Students of Stamford International University form a group to support V2T in social media

Volunt2Thai and Mark Kantorovich offers the young students of Stamford International University in Hua Hin to join a "practice lab" where they can use their newly acquired marketing skills. Especially in the social media and online environment!  

We do good and also tell about it. V2T creates wonderful projects and a promising future for the children, this should and must be communicated and transported through the media. Whether social enterprise or profit-oriented company. Without marketing, a company is like someone who sits in a dark room and expects people to find him without light.

Marketing is what creates customers and generates revenue, determines the future course of a company and defines whether it will be a success or a failure. Marketing is indispensable. Marketing is an activity that requires a lot of professional experience. Therefore we are happy that we can offer the students of Stamfort International University with Volunt2Thai the opportunity to apply marketing in a real environment.

The students can gain very important experiences and do good at the same time!

Marketing is the most important part of every business activity. V2T should develop over the next years as a Social Business. Volunt2Thai, like most small charities, has many pictures and stories to share but no marketing budget. But V2T can offer the students an important test field. The promotion of an NGO is a challenge. Such an environment offers prospective marketing students the necessary practice and applied research.

These very valuable experiences can later be directly applied in the professional life. A win-win situation for the students, for V2T and for the children supported by Volunt2Thai.

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