Volunteers needed - Christmas Party for 300 underprivileged children

Volunteer - 21st of December 2018 Christmas Party for approximate 150 – 300 underprivileged children, and we need your help! 

Volunteers needed in December to help us to prepare for our big christmas party at the 21st of December 2018. Like every year Volunt2Thai will host a Christmas Party for approximate 150 – 300 underprivileged children, ages 4-12 yo. in Ban Nong Phong Volunt2Thai Village in partnership with Ban Nong Kung Elementary School. It says 150 – 300 underprivileged children, because in 2017 we prepared food and presents for about 150 children, but at the end there have been more than 300 children, where the teachers from different schools, we take care of, asked also to join with their children. And of course, one can imagine it would have been hard for us to deny them to join and say no. However at the end things worked out positively and we have been able to provide food and presents for them all. Thanks to all our friends!!. Now we need the help of volunteers to prepare the festivity. 

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer and come along. It’s a wonderful feeling to bring smiles to the faces of these children.

What better way to celebrate Christmas time than to give to those who have so little. We invite you to help us stage this wonderful Christmas Party for them. We will decorate the V2T Village; prepare food, drinks, games and activities for the children. Last year the children also could receive a Christmas present (school uniforms, hygiene products and some candy), which was very well received by the children. And on top of it we will have a Santa Claus again, singing and hand over the presents to the children.

Once again this year we want to give the children a great Christmas party. For us that means, I want to direct our strength back to collecting funds for Christmas, to make this year again a great celebration for the children. I hope very much that it will succeed again, since it was such a great success in 2017.

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