Family Volunteering at V2T Project in Isan

Give your children the adventure of a lifetime with V2T in the unspoilt northeast of Thailand. Bring your teens or toddlers to explore the customs and culture of rural Thailand and at the same time help to support the village community.

Although our village school provides a basic education to around 150 children aged between 5 and 12 years old, resources are limited and teachers are in short supply. The children are hungry to learn and are ready to greet you with the warmest of smiles. Your children can join them in the classroom and experience primary school education 'Thai style' whilst your teens help with after school activities such as games, sports or arts and crafts. Realise your own teaching ambitions by teaching the students English though informal and fun classes. The whole family will be helping to provide the children with a better future.

During your stay with V2T you will have the opportunity to help the local community in so many diverse ways. From teaching at the village school to helping the farmer with his rice harvest or livestock, your contribution will always be greatly appreciated by the community. And every penny you spend locally during your stay directly  supports local jobs and in so doing helps to stem the flow of yet another generation of youngsters drifting off to the cities to find any kind of employment to support their families.

Join the local cultural events, dress up in Thai costume and learn a little about the Buddhist way of life with a visit to one of the many beautiful temples in the area. The way of life in the Isan region of northeast Thailand has little changed over the centuries and a stay at the V2T
campus will give you a more authentic experience of Thailand than a stay at the many popular tourist destinations. Why not make volunteering part of your Asian adventure and contact us today? Check out the video for an insight into family volunteering with V2T. 

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