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Nepal visits Ban Nong Kung / Volunt2Thai -

Presenting fuel efficient stove and briquette making from discarded materials (Recycling) The system has been deliberately designed to be simple and efficient, enabling anyone to prepare food with the simplest of resources. The components are made from discarded materials. The smoke is very little while the heat is very high.

On tuesday 27 we will hold a workshop with the students of Ban Nong Kung School, at V2T Campus

FoST was founded by Sanu Kaji Shrestha a retired official at the World Bank. One day, he found himself forced to take three days off from work to stand in long queues for fuel, and he realized the extent of Nepal’s dependence and started seriously researching ways to bring sustainable domestic sources of energy to his country. In 2001, Sanu Kaji and seven other people started building all together the first stones of Fost organization, and extensively traveled different parts of Europe and America accomplishing internships in renowned institutes involved in sustainable technologies.

FoST's missions are: (a) educating poor community in the developing countries on renewable and alternative energy sources and creating awareness on heat retaining for saving fuel, reducing sound pollution, minimizing kitchen timing and mitigating indoor air pollution through sustainable technologies, (b) creating awareness among housewives on the easy application of energy efficiency technologies when cooking food for the family, (c) utilizing free source of solar energy for cooking and water pasteurizing and also for space heating, (d) empowering women community through fuel briquette making process from the waste materials generated at the household level, agriculture, forestry, industry and business houses including schools, and (e) encouraging community to reuse their electronic and plastic wastes for producing a marketable items.
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