How your donations will be used

Your support is also needed during the year!

Volunt2Thai is Cultural Center but also Learning and Recreational Center for Disadvantaged Children. Our V2T Language Cafe offers the children language lessons in English and other foreign languages. Besides this we collaborate with 6 schools in our area (we send volunteers for English lessons) Due our V2T library general knowledge is provided but also fun, games and exciting activities. We are every day available for the children, but also on weekends and especially during the holidays.

Learning needed utensils, primary school and kindergarten (preschool)
Children in our area are in dire need of school supplies. The average classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that make for a meaningful educational experience for kids.  The parents are unfortunately not in a position to provide the quality and quantity of supplies needed.  The lack of school supplies negatively affects the quality of the education that the children receive.
Organizing a Drive:
If you would like to coordinate a School Supply Drive please contact us, pending on the school we will give you a list of demanding items.
School Uniforms:
Donations for Uniforms and shoes:  €50 provide 3 uniforms and shoes for a child.  Put "For Uniforms" in notes when you donate.
Donations for toothbrushes and toothpaste:  €50 provide toothbrushes and toothpaste for 100 children. Put "For toothbrushes" in notes when you donate.

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